UTC SHIPPING was founded by Ukrainian and Turkish shareholders.

Our mission is to professionally transfer the experience which we have gained in all the world's ports and seas to our valued customers. We aim to offer fast solutions against all adverse conditions that may occur, and to protect your rights in a way that will provide you to stay strong in the global competitive environment.

Since we stepped into the maritime sector, we offer our experience and knowledge as a service to our valued clients.

We aim to provide better quality service to our customers, by closely following actual systems and variable balances in the maritime industry. We keep track of all developments in the global economy and our own industry, so that we can ensure continuous corporate and personal, and thereby always conformance swiftly to innovations.

As the company creating the highest sustainable value for our customers, we make a difference in the sector with the way of work and our service manner.

As UTC SHIPPING company, our expert team always offer you quality, dynamic and best service against to difficult conditions of the maritime industry.

We are sure that success is not only based on the number of completed works, but also the customer who is satisfied with the result of the work.

UTC Shipping Industrial Trade Limited Company


H. İ. Çakmak İş Merkezi İçmeler Mahallesi Altunay Sokak No 33/25 Tuzla / İstanbul - Turkey

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